Imagine Further


If knowledge is the vessel, imagination is the sail that takes you further. We believe it takes imagination, experimentation and action to deliver the best version of what’s possible.

Dream Big, Test Small, Win Big!




We use three primary approaches in our work:

  • Design,

  • Systems Thinking, and

  • Data Analytics.

These approaches have very different superpowers that balance and blend creative and analytic problem solving methods across our services. Our client engagements are founded on a “human-centered” approach that focuses on understanding our client’s needs, fears, desires, concerns, and possibilities.

Our approaches reveal the organizational and human dynamics that impact change. They combine the head and the heart; the analytical and the creative; the critical and the empathetic; the logical and the emotional.

We seek to IMAGINE FURTHER, to broaden exposure to diverse perspectives, reframe challenges as possibilities, and explore new ideas. This requires a problem solving process that depends on different viewpoints, mindsets, and disciplines mixing it up together.




Our primary services include strategic planning, organizational design and development, policy and field research, facilitation and training, monitoring, evaluation, and learning, and economic analysis.



We help our clients broaden their field of vision -- sometimes beyond their comfort zones -- to consider multiple future possibilities and tough trade offs. We use creative design tools like persona development and journey mapping to adapt strategic plans to human environments. We also build systems maps to help visualize interconnected dynamics and identify specific leverage points where interventions are likely to have the greatest impact.


Organizational Design and Development

We help our clients consider their organizational systems -- people, processes, culture, tools, and technologies -- holistically, so they can better align them to improve and achieve their intended impact. We support our clients’ journey as they become more responsive to their employees and stakeholders and adaptive to changing environments. We work together to create governance structures that promote initiative and innovation and empower organizations rather than constrain them.


Policy and Field Research

We conduct research on some of the greatest challenges facing organizations and our nation today: preventing war, countering violent extremists, addressing great power aggression, optimizing government spending, and countering sexual abuse. Our research approach includes mixed qualitative and quantitative methods that offer vivid insight into ground-truth realities for senior decision makers. We ensure our research products are visually compelling, actionable and easy to understand and retain.


Facilitation and Training

We work with clients to co-create interactive and engaging trainings, workshops, events, and conversations that drive results. Using the tools of design and systems, we create meaningful and immersive experiences that expose participants to fresh ideas, energizing them for what lies ahead. Our interactive workshops reframe old conversations, surface new ideas and insights, and build buy-in.


Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Frontier works with clients to assess their dynamic contexts, reflect on key patterns that inform action, and apply insights that help organizations and teams learn and adapt. We design and implement data monitoring processes, impact evaluations, and facilitate learning labs to support our clients as they move through the cycle of assess-reflect-act-learn and adapt. Customized assessment and evaluation tools and processes help determine effectiveness even in data-poor, complex environments.


Economic Analysis

In order to implement new policies and strategies, leaders must decide how to best allocate scarce resources for maximum impact. We use the tools of economic analysis to analyze historical spending, project future costs, and evaluate the economics of policy alternatives to maximize the impact of each dollar.