Imagine Further…


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WHAT we do

We are strategic advisers who solve complex social, political and organizational challenges using the tools of design, systems thinking, and data analysis. Our primary services include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Design and Development

  • Facilitation and Training

  • Policy and Field Research

  • Economic Analysis

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

We serve a diverse set of clients including government agencies, non-profits, philanthropic foundations, and private organizations.

We know it takes guts to go against the grain and try something different. Our clients call on us when they need to challenge the status quo, spark change, break through organizational barriers and they need an energy boost. We help our clients experiment with new approaches, push boundaries, and achieve new results.

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Welcome to frontier

“When we are standing on the edge of where things are less understood we must challenge ourselves to IMAGINE FURTHER. We thrive on finding innovative solutions to seemingly impossible and intractable problems.

Our purpose is to shorten the path between information and insight, to help senior leaders make decisions that drive progress.”

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Who we serve

Government Agencies, Non-profits, Philanthropic Foundations, Private Organizations.

We are proud to serve a diverse group of individuals, communities, and organizations who bravely seek a safer, more prosperous, and peaceful future. Their belief in this future and willingness to push the boundaries of conventional approaches led them to Frontier.

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Frontier blends disparate skill sets, disciplines, and ideas to bring the right perspectives together to solve problems. Our team is comprised of political scientists, storytellers, mathematicians, designers, engineers, and data scientists with experience across a variety of industries. We challenge each other's ideas to deliver insights that are grounded in reality but not bound by bias.